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Going back to ages in 1956, wayfarer was introduced by a leading Company RayBan sunglasses which accredited with the best selling sunglasses design all the time. Since its introduction, wayfarer were adopted by many big stars, famous designers, Companies and sunglasses wholesale manufacturers.


Wayfarer Sunglasses online
Preferred wayfarers sunglasses since ages


Stylish sunglasses
Wayfarer sunglasses in 60’s wrapped with style

The wayfarer design was the popular design throughout the world. In 1950’s and 60’s rayban excelled in contributing plastic framed sunglasses with a high kick of production in the market. Although the popularity fell down in 70’s.




With the decrease of sales, the wayfarer design was on brink of extinction. It wasn’t until early 80’s, the advertisement campaign of wayfarer push it back the wayfarer’s sale in demand.

risky business
Tom’s successful placement in 80’s ‘Risky business’ movie

Most big celebrities, famous fashion designers. The first successful business placement was with Tom Cruise ’Risky business’.

The preference of wayfarer was still in vogue in 1980’s. The famous television shows and several movies upgraded this style on screen. The design was a revolutionary break from the common metal rimmed eyewear of the time. The design was a completely new shape than anything in the market at the time.

Simply, unassuming yet bold and daring, wayfarers have always evinced a sense of rebelliousness. Sure they have been copied many times, from Gucci to super, but the original design has yet to be matched.

Some of the famous pop singers from Michael Jackson to Madonna could be seen wearing wayfarers sunglasses.


Edward’s Retro looks

After 80’s period, 90’s design have also lost their popularity to the new design as wraparound or sporty sunglasses. Ray Ban again re-releases the original wayfarer design with retro fashion adorned by the celebrities of modern pop culture- Twilight vampire Edward Cullen in 2000.

Wayfarers 2013
Modern Wayfarers

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