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Fast and Furious stars and their Eye Wear

Furious-7“The Fast and the Furious” seventh part that is “Furious 7” is released on friday that is on 10th april 2015.

“ The Fast and the Furious” was released for the first time 15 years ago from now, that is in 2001. It did  not gained that good as it gained after “Fast Five”.  It became very popular series after it added new characters, including Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”).

The story got out of track long ago,but as there is a lot of action and thrill in the series, it  made it run on a long walk. Its is fully fun ride  entertaining series.

Now lets just talk about its star cast and their style of eyewear.

Vin Diesel Aviator Sunglasses

Vin Diesel is a part of  Fast and  Furious series from the beginning that is from the first part.

Vin Diesel with Elsa Pataky signing autographs for their fans during promotion of“Fast Five.


Vin Diesel looks cool in aviator sunglasses


Vin-Diesel-Aviator-Sunglasses-4 Vin-Diesel-Aviator-Sunglasses-1 Vin-Diesel-Aviator-Sunglasses-3



Dwayne Johnson Sunglasses

WWE wrestling champion Dwayne Johnson ,famous by the name rock is extremely popular among youth. He worked in fast and furious series from the release FAST FIVE in 2011.

Check out his  shades and his style.

He wears lightweight semi-rimless aviators that gives a perfect style to his personality.

1363020981_6447 - Raw raised_eyebrow sunglasses the_rock wwe


These classy aviators gives a classy look and softer feel. He looks very smart in this aviator style sunglasses. It can wear by both men and women.


Michelle Rodriguez Sunglasses

Michelle Rodriguez in oval sunglasses.


Michelle Rodriguez in  aviator sunglasses.


Michelle Rodriguez in  round sunglasses.



 Jason Statham Sunglasses

Jason Statham at the UK Premiere of The Expendables 2 wearing aviator sunglasses.

His anxious personality can be seen in his choice of sunglasses.

Jason+Statham+Modern+Sunglasses+Rectangular+SDXqP-0z8Kfl Jason+Statham+Stars+Expendables+2+Premiere+FEHQE2m8V62l