Eva Mendes stylish blue designer framed gradient sunglasses

As a nation we have fallen in love with celebrity styles. Given the chance who won’t like to look like Eva Mendes or Kareena kapoor from Bollywood ? It is now easier than ever to channel the look of the rich and get famous with many high street stores emulating designer pieces at affordable rates, plenty of help from fashion blogs and glossy magazines.

If you haven’t got the time to trawl through blog after blog looking for celeb inspiration to your wardrobe. Just don’t worry ! There are a couple of easy ways to style up your looks an every ensemble and add a touch of A-list class .

The most important least expensive and easiest tip I can give is to invest in eyewear. Who said sunglasses are only for the summers? from Mary Kate Olsen’s casual style to the preened perfection of Victorio Beckham, sunnies are a celeb staple all year round. If you can afford to spend on a designer pair of sunglasses will raise the status of your whole outfit. But if you are shopping on a budget you can pick up designer sunglasses- ques styles for as little as 1000 INR.

The only rule when choosing your eyewear is to make it a statement piece, go for an oversized pair of Georgio Armani or perhaps a  Bluemarine style.

Red frame eyeglass
Cat -eyed Red frame eyeglasses

The cat-eye style is feminine and fun, oozing old Hollywood glamour, while  classic pair of wayfarers sunglasses are  a little kardashian’s fashion- forward oversized shield sunnies and latest fashion, which have a futuristic edge.

Cat-eye styled eyeglasses looks stunning on Deepika









The ethnic looks in cat-eye represents a luscious appearance wherever they go. In Cat-eye sunglasses, many famous bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone have also spotted wearing such glasses flaunting on their sharp faces.

Hollywood Fashion
Oozing style of Celebs of hollywood

If sunglasses are an issue and you wear normal eyeglasses. The same goes ! Use them to your advantage by turning them into your most valuable accessory. Investing in designer sunglasses is a great way to add a hint of class either to your work-wear or go to casual look, with many brands opting to put a particular logo on their frames, they are a flamboyant accessory. A valiant black or decent white frame will compliment any outfits. But if you can invest in a pair of eyeglasses with an old pattern or colour especially oxbloods/maroon which is very popular this season! A few statement accessories can completely changes a look of the individual, you don’t have to spend thousands to feel mag worthy or ritzy. Here you’ll find the simple way of adding style of yours like a Celebrity.

Drapes eyewear
Eyewear suiting your Drapes

The simplest ways to look pampered and sensual needs a basic accessory to your eyes that is eyewear. The face size deliberately give a great impact on the sunglasses we choose . Choosing the frame that compliments your face should be considered while you going to buy sunglasses or eyeglasses. The style of famous celebs that everyone is flattered with and dreams to look the same is possible if you choose the right eyewear that balance your natural face shape. In the same way, you choose complimentary colored clothes to suit your complexion, you should apply certain principles that celeb choose while selecting your glasses.


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