Ray-Ban Green Aviator sugnlasses

RayBan history speaks about the tremendous story back to 1920s, when new airplanes fly higher and farther. Many US Army service officer were reporting that the glare from the sun was giving them headache and altitude sickness. In 1929, the Army officer Lieutenant General asked New-York based medical equipment Manufacturer Bausche and Lomb to create Army pilot sunglasses that would stop his men suffering headache and nausea. That was caused by blue and white hues of sky. Then, a new kind of sunglasses was introduced in 1936 popularly known as ‘Anti-Glare’ had plastic frame and green lenses that would cut glare and obscuring vision. The sunglasses was remodeled and named as ‘Ray ban Aviators’.  Bausche and Lomb took out the patent and Aviator sunglasses were born.

RayBan Aviator Sunglasses for men and women

RayBan is the most popular brand throughout the world. Starting from 20’s to this period, the models of RayBan has been delightedly favored by every group of age. Professions like military, sports, businessmen, engineers and Merchant Navy all desire to have a yummy look and dashing appearance with Aviators. When it comes to oozing the glam quotient, Ray Ban eyewear leaves no stone unturned.  Whether a wild, old style or modern, RayBan has everything to offer. RayBan is wrapped by the most popular star of the world. Be it Ricky ponting, a Cricketer Star to Tom Cruise in ‘Risky business’. International famous pop-stars like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce’, can also be seen in various avatars in Aviator sunglasses.

RayBan Wayfarers Sunglasses

Renowned brand
Wayfarer Sunglasses

Buzzing about the style in Wayfarers, RayBan produces lucrative sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women. Wayfarers are now in the heights of popularity. It’s model has been exalted all over the world. It significantly prevent your eyes from sun glare and resist the perfect vision for your eye care. Wayfarers have reached the achievement in splendid manner. It is one of the most enduring fashion icon of 20th century.

In Bollywood movies , the famous celebrities like Ranbir kapoor adorned RayBan wayfarers sunglasses on face which is recently going viral by youth.

RayBan creative and suiting shades are well designed . Frames available with RayBan eyewear are desgined for men , women and middle age. If you see the RayBan frames Style, you would love to buy them all. The price of the RayBan sunglasses starts from 4500 INR to 7000 INR from Optiaxis  which is said to be quite affordable.


I have ordered RayBan Wayfarers sunglasses from Optiaxis where you can find vibrant colors and shades in this brand. Colors of different frames can be seen in online portal with a perfect fit on your face. Youth of 21st Century love to buy RayBan to enhance their adventurous spirit. My selective choice for eyewear is RayBan Gradient sunglasses in blue shade. Here you can certainly find trendiest colors of RayBan in Wayfarers and Aviators sunglasses online. Unluckily if ordered the wrong product, you can easily return or cancel order drafted by Optiaxis within stipulated time.

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