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It was almost two years back when I first got to know about my weak vision. I was frustrated when doctors advise me to get a pair of eyeglasses. No way !! I did not want to go out with eyeglasses on my eyes. No friend of mine was wearing eyeglasses that time. Later my father told me not to neglect this necessity to wear eyeglasses as its quite essential for the correct vision. And he suggested me to buy a nice pair of eyeglasses for my eyes. Before I go to the market, I shared my thoughts with my elder sister who told me that nowadays people wear colorful and unique eyewear with different designs , size and shape. Disheartened! I went to the market with my father and agreed to wear eyeglasses for myself. My father chooses the pair of eyeglasses for me. I was not in mood to buy any eyewear therefore I was not showing any interest in any product. We came back and sat on the sofa. My elder sister came and asked me to show the pair of eyeglasses. I told her I didn’t like the eyeglasses because I promised my father that’s why bought it.

My sister consoled me and said nothing wrong in wearing eyeglasses in the present world. I was carefully listening to all words of my sister. As I was totally dejected but my sister says not to worry. She informed me about the online shopping hub Optiaxis where I can choose collection of eyeglasses online with excellent frame materials and frame shapes.

I first had a glimpse to the website and I really amazed by seeing the branded appealing eyeglasses with latest fashion. The offers were marvelous and it amazed me visiting Optiaxis website. The website thus highly satisfy my desire to get a vivid pair of eyeglass that I can carry as a fashion accessory anywhere.

Colorful eyeglasses avail from our website

On the other hand, I suggested my friends to buy eyeglasses online from where you can get a huge discount on branded pair of eyeglasses. As all of them really like the trendy look of my eyeglasses which carries designer temple frame and many other good features that I wished earlier to buy. I got exactly the prescription eyeglasses with best quality material and colored frame that I wished to buy.

Now, I adore the big blue eyeglasses and love to wear them with everything possible. Wayfarers eyeglasses and other oversized eyeglasses are available at every color and pattern. I bought genuine styled eyeglasses from Optiaxis. Wanna see my collection. Here it is:

full rimmed eyeglass
Collection of full pair of eyeglasses

As seen above ( clockwise from top left ) :

1.GUESS GU1726 Black Brown Copper Eyeglasses

2.IDEE 746 Brown Eyeglasses

3.GUESS GU1708 Black Gray Eyeglasses

4.Blue Cross 4930 Black White Line Black Eyeglasses

5. INSIST IS610 Black Gray Eyeglasses

6.POSO M7214 Black Blue Eyeglasses

7.IDEE 740 Gold Black Eyeglasses

8. Pepe Jeans PJ3081 Black Brown Eyeglasses

9. Pepe Jeans PJ3078 Black Maroon Eyeglasses