happy summer Summer’s here. Sun has determined to come out from behind the clouds now.

So it’s time to add a little color to the eyes.

The lens and cornea inside the eye, filters UV rays, but by doing so to a large extent they may get damage. So it’s very necessary to wear sunglasses while you are out and in exposure of sunlight. Protecting your eyes from the sun begins with picking the right pair of sunglasses. We know you not only want to protect your eyes from the sun but also to express who you are through your trendy eye-wear and here we are to guide you to buy your perfect pair of sunnies.

Different Color Lens Sunglasses for Summer.

There are so many color shade lens in sunglasses you can use to avoid the bright and flashy sun rays. Dark color lens are not more effective than lighter one because the coating that blocks UV radiation is clear. Grey, green, blue, brown and their gradient color lenses minimize color distortion. Unlike yellow, red, purple, pink color lenses, these types of color lens sunglasses can even distinguish between the traffic lights.So one must opt to these color lens shades while in the sun.

Different Frame Style Sunglasses for Summer

Ladies we know you want to shine and raise your looks in summer. You can simply go for the classy aviators, butterfly, cat eye, oval, round and rectangle frame sunglasses. Working women can buy oval, rectangle and round sunglasses according to their face shape for the simple looks and that suits them the best. If you are a fashion conscious lady and love the glamorous looks, you can go for cat eye, butterfly and over-sized sunglasses.

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Let’s come to guy’s sunglasses. One of the latest summer trend for them is wayfarer sunglasses for the retro looks.For an updated look men’s can go for metal frame aviators. If you want to have that full attitude looks then try oversized sunglasses. These over-sized sunglasses provide more UV protection to the eyes as they cover large area above and below the eyes.

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