Aviator sunglasses for Officer’s eye !!

Aviator sunglasses is not exceptionally wrapped by the recognized officers in defense service. These were adorned to protect their aviator eyes from Sun glare . The ‘Aviator’ name itself derived from the original intention of protecting their eyes.  Aviators sunglasses become popular when General Douglas Mac Arthur, the American general in Air force, landed on the beach in Philippines in World War II. Newspaper and magazine photographer snapped several pictures of him wearing them. It was only him who introduced us to the world famous brand of Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. And now , its like I love this brand stuffed in my wardrobe drawer.

Pair of Aviator colorful sunglasses
Aviator sunglasses

It became fashionable and popularized sooner after. Aviators are preferred not only by Air force Officers but also by mariners and Army Service men. But nowadays, Aviators have been unleashed in the public worldwide with enormous styles. When we talk about Aviators, RayBan strikes on our mind.



Rayban Aviators owned a great popularity publicly and even to the famous singers like Justin timberlake, Jay sean and many more. None other than the top celebrities in hollywood like Tom Cruise’ in ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Risky business’ can be seen on the movie wearing Aviator gunmetal gradient sunglasses.

Aviators are usually characterized as dark even reflective lenses, which are designed with very thin metal frames, bayonet earpieces and flexible cable temple arms. Usually the shades carried only metallic temple but now the designing of these frames have gone far and get innovative. As you can see it their the latest product line that displays sunglasses with jaw dropping designs, plastic frames, varied tinge lenses and varied frame colors.

Amitabh bachchan
Aviator sunglasses adorned by our legend-Amitabh ji


The biggest benefit which these shades give me is that they are highly protective towards sun glare UVA and UVB Radiations with almost 95% of harmful rays prevention. I am highly sensitive to sun rays and can never go out under sun without wearing them. What I love the most is, it is preferred by my beloved actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Jim Carry, Brad Pitt and Edward Cullen. I have a complete craze about watching Hollywood movies and, So why would not I try them all in my style?

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