Different eyeglasses frame materials greatly expand your options for a great new look. For new eyeglasses and sunglasses, optician advice about variety in colors, lightness, durability, favorite brands, uniqueness and price.

Finding eyeglasses with qualities that are most important to you could be as simple as choosing right frame material because each type has its own unique strength. There are variety of frames chosen by all section of the group whether a young or a middle aged person. Style and trend is focused on the priority basis in selecting designer frames.

Here are few basic descriptions about the different frames eyeglasses materials that should be elicit for choosing best quality eyewear for longer use.


If you want colors of rainbow, Zylonite shortly known as Zyl is your material. Zyl is very cost effective and creative option for eyewear. Plastics are extremely light weighted and popular right now. These types of frame materials have an endurance use. Including Plastics, Nylon based plastics are also referred by manufacturers. Nylon plastics are hypoallergenic and used in sports and performance frames. The frames are typically made of gliamides or trogamid materials that are very resistant to hot and cold temperature. These frames are quite flexible yet also stiff.Nylon Plastic frames are mostly refer by vigorous performer in Sports like mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, golfing and in-line skating. Durable and specialized sunglasses are needed also for certain professionals such as Military.


Monel,  a mixture of any of the broad range of metals. It is the most widely used material in frames used by manufactures of eyeglass frame. Still, it is not 100% corrosion resistance: for some people metal can react with their skin chemistry. More often people use titanium eyeglasses frame for the better looks and risk free problem of skin. Titanium eyewear can be produced in variety of colors and designs chosen in any frame size. It also gives a modern look with a hint of color.


Titanium frame can bend and elongate without breaking instead it returns to the original shape.It is quite tensil strength makes titanium a good choice for safety frames. It also lend itself from a thin rimmed and delicate design. In adults with young children they can be pulled off’ of your face without bending, breaking and requiring adjustments. This durability can be very appealing and cost effective option.


Flexon is the titanium based alloy with highly corrosion resistant. It was originated by the eyeglass manufacturer Marchon, is called a memory metal. Frames of flexon comes into shape by twisting, bending or crushing. Flexon frames are lightweight and hypoallergenic. Flexon frames deliberately give a much lighter feel on your face. The aluminium made flexon is only the world’s most abundant, but also the most widely used nonferrous material. Pure aluminum is generally soft and weak but commercial aluminum have small amount of silicon and iron which gives an harder appearance in flexon frames.


TR-90 (Plastic Titanium) is the polymer material with memory, is currently the most ultra-light materials glasses, a super toughness, crash-worthiness, wear and low friction coefficient. It can effectively prevent the movements due to broken glasses or rubbing the eyes. TR 90 because of the material elasticity, toughness ans easy to break, strength do not break down so has the movement security. So it is very resistant to impact the nylon material more than 2 times. TR-90 is very comfortable to wear for those who felt burden to handle the eyeglasses for prolong use. TR-90 is quite suiting for resolving such problems.


For those who love the range of tone and textures, then you don’t have to worry about harming the rain-forests ! The frame comes with four different species of wood covering the range of colors and characteristics. Wooden frames like CHERRY– that gives a reddish bold look on face. OAK– it exude the strength and I would love to wear white-oak which has a light brown color. WALNUTS-Walnuts provide incredibly smooth frame finish. It look like a pores of black color contrasting with dark brown color. SYCAMORE– This wooden frame executes a light brown color. Its quite expensive but worth to buy such frames.

Are you allergic to your eyeglass Frame? Do certain frame nosepad material irritate your skin? This small description will certainly assist you to buy effective eyeglasses for your lifelong use.

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